Why Choose Us?

Why choose FRIENDS’ Consult Limited for your Microfinance Capacity Building Needs?

FRIENDS’ Consult Limited offers specialized know – how in the field of microfinance and as a result;

  • Have a track record in providing microfinance capacity building initiatives that have always been rated “excellent ” by our clients
  • Use a participatory approach at every stage of any assignment to ensure that the solutions are tailored to the client’s needs
  • We balance the needs of clients in terms of operational, governance, market competitiveness and other aspects with the aim to help grow while minimizing risk.
  • We have been retained by all the MFIs and support organizations we have worked for to undertake more assignments. Our services are appreciated and thus our relationship with them is highly valued.

Microfinance Capacity Building as FRIENDS Consult’s hedgehog (core services) encompasses the following areas;

  1. Institutional Capacity Building
  2. Energy Finance
  3. Ag/ Rural Finance
  4. Financial Inclusion/Literacy
  5. Project/ Programme Design and Management
  6. Project/ Programme Evaluation
  7. Country/ Sector Capacity Building
  8. Regulation
  9. Training

Why choose FRIENDS’ Consult Lmited for your Corporate Business Development Needs?
  • The long list of our customers says it all! We have gained a reputation for providing corporate business solutions that help clients achieve their ambitions and expectations.
  • We have full knowledge about the business and investment climate of Uganda and are able to provide well informed, effective solutions.
  • Our aim when delivering our business solutions is to match the organization’s resources and operating environment with its needs and identify key aspects that are relevant to its success in the market.
  • Nearly all the feasibility studies and bankable business plans we have undertaken have helped the respective clients to get funds they needed.
Why Choose FRIENDS’ Consult Limited for your MSME Development Needs?
  • We have developed and conducted training and technical assistance solutions that have helped our clients in this category tremendously.
  • We have conducted research that focused on critical problems and challenges facing MSMEs. This means that we understand the challenges faced and needs of MSMEs in Uganda from a very practical standpoint.
Why Choose FRIENDS’ Consult Limited for your Economic Social Development?
  • We have vast and long term experience in working in the socio economic sector and have a track record of delivering effective solutions. Our team also has cutting edge competences in providing the required services in the sector.