FAQs about MSME development

What is MSME Development?

These are efforts, programs and activities that are aimed at capacity building of the MSMEs so that they can grow and become more profitable, efficient and sustainable. MSMEs comprise the largest number of businesses in Uganda, and they often need technical assistance and training.

How do we deliver MSME Development Solutions?

We conduct a combination of practical training and technical assistance to help clients effectively plan for sustainability, profitability and growth. Typically, MSMEs can hardly afford to buy suitable training and technical assistance. We often get contracted by their networks or development partners to deliver services to them. We also work with the NGOs, Donors, and promoters of MSME development to design, plan for and evaluate their programs in this sector.

Why choose FRIENDS’ Consult Limited for your MSME Development Needs?
  • We have developed and conducted training and technical assistance solutions that have helped our clients in this category tremendously.
  • We have conducted research that focused on critical problems and challenges facing MSMEs. This means that we understand the challenges faced and needs of MSMEs in Uganda from a very practical standpoint.