FAQs about Microfinance Capacity Building

What is Micro finance Capacity Building?

These are efforts, projects/ programs, schemes and activities that are aimed at building both the institutional and human resource capacity of financial institutions so that they can more ably and satisfactorily serve their growing customer-base while becoming operationally and financially more sustainable. Under microfinance capacity building, FRIENDS Consult focuses on all areas of pro-poor finance that include agriculture finance; renewable energy, micro leasing, housing finance.

How do we deliver Microfinance Capacity Building?

FCL is an integral part of Uganda’s microfinance industry and fully participates in all key industry events. This way, we detect needs of clients. At the same time, industry colleagues call on us to render our expertise where they need it. FCL has always taken on a participatory approach in working with client to first identify the real areas of need that should be addressed before providing the solutions to enhance the client / institution’s performance. Our solutions are based on microfinance best practices taking into consideration the institutional capabilities and the market situation.

Why choose FRIENDS’ Consult Limited for your Microfinance Capacity Building needs?

FRIENDS’ Consult Limited offers specialized know – how in the field of microfinance and as a result;

  • Have a track record in providing microfinance capacity building initiatives that have always been rated “excellent ” by our clients
  • Use a participatory approach at every stage of any assignment to ensure that the solutions are tailored to the client’s needs
  • We balance the needs of clients in terms of operational, governance, market competitiveness and other aspects with the aim to help grow while minimizing risk.
  • We have been retained by all the MFIs and support organizations we have worked for to undertake more assignments. Our services are appreciated and thus our relationship with them is highly valued.