FAQs about Economic Social Development

For donors and other project promoters who do not have local offices or adequate personnel to oversee their projects, we monitor projects on their behalf and submit regular reports and updates. We have recently, also introduced a representation function for international consultants and business associations with considerable interest in Uganda but who do not have local offices.

What is Economic Social Development?
These are services that catalyze change in societies to improve the quality of life of people through economic and social reforms aimed at capacity building. Mainly delivered to the private sector and NGOs offering local solutions to meet the livelihood needs of their beneficiaries, much of the funding comes through the donor programmes of the world’s development agencies.

How do we deliver Economic Social Development?

Like in the rest of the sectors, we deliver these solutions through a participatory approach aimed at ownership of the final deliverables by working closely with our clients while maintaining our objectivity and facilitating skills transfer.

Why choose FRIENDS’ Consult Limited for your Economic Social Development?

  We have vast and long term experience in working in the socio economic sector and have a track record of delivering effective solutions. Our team also has cutting edge competences in providing the required services in the sector.