As part of its core responsibilities, FRIENDS Consult Ltd is mindful of its commitment to give back to society and runs a CSR program. Being in the professional services industry specifically in the knowledge sector, the company frequently runs empowerment and sensitization activities for different categories of people in society with the aim of helping them become better citizens.


This year, the company conducted a one day sensitization presentation to 815 students of the non-candidate classes (S.1, S.2, S.3 & S.5) at Seeta High School (Main Campus). The presentation was focused on challenging young people (students) to pursue greatness through self awareness, improved skills and talents, improved social abilities and initiating a life enterprise. The presentation was enhanced with the sensitive financial literacy concepts of savings and investment. The activity was effectively executed and received responses such as “ I have learnt to take challenges as opportunities.“; and “I have learnt to save even with small money.“ FCL can never turn down an opportunity to empower society; we look out for more of this next year.